What diet should you go for after a heart attack?

2022-09-23 08:40:46 By : Mr. Jimmy Lai

A healthy diet can increase the chances of a person’s survival after a heart attack by relieving pressure on heart and blood circulation. There is a lot of misconception that your diet goes through a dramatic transformation and that you have to cut out the food you have been used to before the attack. What most people don’t realise is that a balanced diet with healthier alternatives doesn’t have to be bland. In fact, your diet can have a great flavour profile.

Shweta Mahadik, Clinical Dietitian, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, India says, “If a person is concerned about heart health, it is vital to understand which foods are healthy for his/her heart, to prevent or manage heart disease and high blood pressure while improving the quality and length of their life.”

Here are some of her tips:

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